About Kai Eggert

Kai Eggert

In May 1976 Kai Eggert was born in Hannover as the third child of Heinz-Joachim und Gisela Eggert. Raised in Laatzen, Germany, Kai Eggert worked since the year 2001 as leadership and project expert in several management positions in Germany and in Asia (China). Previously he studied five years economics at Leibniz University Hannover.

Kai Eggert holds a diploma in economics with core in management, controlling and human ressources.

Currently Kai Eggert lives in Laatzen – Gleidingen – and is married. His wife and Kai have two children.

In his free time Kai Eggert likes to go bicycling, play football in a local team and go for a walk with his dog.

Since November 2021 Kai Eggert is the mayor of Laatzen. www.laatzen.de